About OGB's Laminate Casework...

With today's flush overlay design, the ready availability of raw materials, and the increasing sophistication of machinery in even the smaller shops, plastic laminate casework has become almost a commodity item. Here are some reasons why the laminate cabinets and countertops we build at OGB Architectural Millwork are a cut above the rest.

  • In the New Mexico market, as in some other areas, it is common to use melamine as a substrate with a laminate face. This is an unbalanced panel and does not meet AWI Custom Grade standards. OGB uses balanced panels for all door and drawer front and finish end construction, according to AWI Custom Grade specifications.

  • Many shops use contact cement to laminate their door and drawer faces. Contact cement is subject to delamination in high heat conditions such as direct sunlight. Contact cement has very little lateral-holding strength, allowing laminates to shrink back from panel edges under temperature and humidity changes. OGB uses PVA glue for all cabinet doors, drawer faces, and finished ends, and for almost all laminate countertops. This hard glue line prevents shrinkage and glue failure, with the added advantage of eliminating a toxic substance from the workplace and the job site.

  • Many shops use particle board for toe kick bases, or have particle board core panels in contact with the floor. OGB uses only plywood toe kick bases, which are far more resistant to damage from cleaning products or standing water.

  • OGB uses the Grass metal drawer system as a standard. This is an exceptionally sturdy and easy to clean drawer system, with rugged metal sides and a 3/4" thick drawer bottom.

  • OGB uses a full 3/4" thick nailer cleat at the top and bottom of each cabinet. These nailers are first hot glued and then attached with specialized angle screws to make a box of superior rigidity and square-ness. The cabinet back is set in a dado with close tolerances. After the nailer is attached the entire back is hot glued in place.

  • Many shops have rigid dimension requirements, resulting in a non-custom installation. OGB builds to fit your space, resulting in a pleasing, custom job.

  • The AWI Quality Standards allow random grain matching on Custom Grade work. Grain matching is only required on Premium Grade. All OGB wood grain laminate casework is grain matched.

  • OGB uses an advanced countertop fabrication technique resulting in a no black line front edge on most square edge laminate tops.

  • Countertops are liable to damage at sinks and other wet areas. OGB uses a waterproof substrate on all wet area countertops.

  • All OGB laminate tops have full backer, regardless of whether it is required by spec.

  • OGB cleans each cabinet before it leaves the shop, and again after installation. This seems like an obvious step but is often left out!